6. Tadjousti Othman



– náš 6. couchsurfer hostitel
– místo: Marrakesh (hlavní turistické centrum Maroka)
– národnost: Marokánec
– věk: 24 let
– délka pobytu: 1 noc + nechání si věcí u něj přes 2 další noci
– něco typického na hostiteli či u hostitele: kouření hašiše, slova: good prize (dobrá cena), give me „…“ dirhams (dej mi tolik a tolik dirhamů = plať)
– bydlení: spíme v salonu na „gauči“ v bytě s celou jeho rodinou (sestru a bratra má někde v zahraničí),  nemají koupelnu, mají klasický evropský záchod bez normálního splachovadla, balkon, fajn kuchyni
– společné zážitky: bylo toho dost – povodil nás po Marrakeshi, pojezdili jsme s ním několikrát v taxiku, pojedli cosi dobrého marockého, pomohl nám koupit si věci asi za lepší cenu, ale pak všechno dobré skončilo s výletem do pouště (viz příspěvky…)


Pár okamžiků stálo zato… zde „nucený“ pozitivní výraz Pospy… asi už začíná mít v Tadjoustim jasno…

+ zde k vidění negativní reference na CS v angličtině:

We spent with Tadjousti one night (we wanted to spend with him 2 nights actually, but everything has changed very quickly)

He is very friendly guy, he wanted to show us Marrakesh, planned for us trip to desert for good price, he helped with buying things there for good prices.

We really wanted to trust this man, but this couchsurfing was absolutely the worst experience for us.

We will explain you why:

First we had to pay for him everything – a lot of taxi rides (because he doesn’t live near Medina), food (we told him that we were vegetarians but he ordered meat for us, even if we told him that we didn’t want this!!! – so price was extra BIG), drinks…even if we had told him that we had very limited budget. We were somehow ok with that, because he promised us trip to desert for 1800 DH (2 persons) – it seemed to be more cheaper way than someone with the great idea about this trip had offered us before this. He told us that it will be all inclusive – camels, food, tickets for bus, buggies. Also he had told us that we didn’t have to look after anything. And he was assuring us that he planned this trips to desert often.

We were very happy first, because we knew that we could save money.

But we had to pay for him everything for the trip to desert – so we had to pay for 3 persons, not only for us 2.

He found some cheap bus. Not direct bus from Marrakesh to Merzouga.

We did a very big mistake. We didn’t check tickets price or place of arriving, we decided to trust this guy.

When we had come to near our bus, we noticed that the bus’ last stop was Errachidia (not Merzouga – our other friend told us, that we had to go by Supratour bus there, which is direct from Marrakesh to Merzouga, or there was possibility to go there by more buses from three different cities on our way – so we guessed this travelling is the second possibility).

How we were surprised when we arrived in Ouarzazate – city of Moroccan Hollywood!!! We didn’t want to see this city, we wanted to go to desert Merzouga! It was our first notice that something was bad.

Tadjousti wanted to show us city and at 4pm we could continue to Merzouga. We didn’t want to see this city, so we went back to bus station for tickets to we could get to Merzouga earlier. Tadjousti didn’t know times of bus leavings. How was he surprised that only bus, which go to Merzouga, was leaving from here for a very little while! We had to take a taxi, pay next money, and we were very stressed about this whole thing.

We had lucky, because bus from Ouarzazate to Merzouga wasn’t away yet.

But after paying for the tickets, the rest of the budget was 800 dirhams and it wasn’t enough for anything. We started to doubt.

Then Tadjousti told us that he would go with us to desert, find us some hotel, manage for us cheap buggies, cheap camels and everything and then he would have to go back to Marrakesh for some girl from London from CS and then Tadjousti and that girl come back to desert for us. We believed Tadjousti, but it was too much for us.

We knew, that he couldn’t be back in Marrakesh on the time, because way to desert spent 12 hours in total! And he didn’t know anything about these hours! So in the end we told him the truth about this travelling and he admitted that we were right…

Other thing was that we agreed about something, but we didn’t specify, that we wanted to spend night in the desert – not in the hotel. Because when we asked him about this, he told us that a hotel is better. It was very difficult to imagine this trip, because someone told us something and someone other told us anything else. But we were definitely sure about spending night right in the desert. Tadjousti told us OK – you would spend night in desert.

So we sent this guy to his home for this girl and we decided to call our other friend, who I really like, because he saved us from big shits!!

Tadjousti wanted from us money for his return way!!! Because, of course, from the start he didn’t have any money, so we had to pay for him everything! We fed him, we paid taxi, his trip to desert 😀 (we could be ok with paying for food and taxis, but trip to desert according his plans was totally disaster and it pissed us off – that’s why we write this negative reference)

We were such idiots! We only wanted to believe someone, because we think that everything was about some trust..

So finally we spent really amazing 2 nights in the desert because of our friend from Couchsurfing (if you want I can send you a contact, but I assure you, don’t go to desert with Tadjousti, because he know nothing about this – he counted wrong price for us, buses were bad, everything was bad).

But unfortunately, in the end we had to pay double price in total for everything – and it was money from our reserve.

When we arrived from our trip to his home for our backs, he was smiling and charming that new girl from London. Then we wanted from him back 100 DH for his returning ticket. Ok, he gave it us, because he didn’t want to look like bad in front of this girl. But! When we wanted tickets for returning rides to Marrakesh from him, we found, that price was 75 per person – so in total 450 DH. First he wanted from us 700 DH. Then he came back with 150 DH and he told us that he was very good, because he managed for us VERY GOOD PRICE… but 100 DH he took for himself!!!

Also we had to pay for him some license for guiders – 50 DH, which wasn’t confirmed at the police station.

During our way to desert he wanted from us 10 DH – and we didn’t know for what, so we didn’t give it him.

Next VERY SUPER THING was, that he borrowed from our backpack our very expensive map for travelling around Europe (from our backpacks, which we left in his house), used it in taxi car and he forgot for it – so we don’t have map now…) – he promised us, that he would send us to our homes in the Czech Republic 😀 but I don’t believe it (the prize for sending something to other country is too high)

After 2 days away from his home, we found, we haven’t our headphones and my boyfriend’s MP3 player. But we don’t want to blame him from theft.

So, thank you Tadjousti, but you totally pissed off us because of trip to desert and because we were stressed with you in our trip to desert and we were afraid of everything during travelling with you, and we had to spent a lot of money because of your fail and our trust…

Maybe Tadjousti can be a great host if you have VERY BIG BUDGET for him and yourselves, but I think Tadjousti will be good when he will have some job and money, but don’t go with him anywhere except Marrakesh.

He used Couchsurfing for getting money for his life (we think), and we didn’t know about this system. Maybe it’s normal for Moroccan people? But I don’t think so, because other Couchsurfing stayovers were very very good! So, be careful if you want to stay with this guy. You have to have enough money or it will not work.

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